Aqua Hall, Kobe, Japan >> showcase

A wedding hall located adjacent to the port of Kobe, the Aqua Hall was illuminated by the Takenaka Corp. to enhance its glass double-skin structure, which stands suspended over a pool. At night, mists of water lighted by underwater fixtures, encircle the jewel-box-like building, whose glass screen walls are internally luminous and visible to passersby. The Hall's interior was designed to heighten the drama od a wedding. Its key element is a transparent glass floor that bisects the space and allows a view of the pool below. The bottom of the glass is covered with mesh optical fiber, which shifts through a palette of six colors for a variety of effects. The glass screen walls as well as the concrete ceiling are illuminated with fluorescent fixtures concealed at floor level, producing a clean look and enhancing the space's simple architectural lines.

project: Aqua Hall location: Kobe, Japan client: Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hall lighting designer: Takenaka Corp. - Akihiko Kunimoto architect: Takenaka Corp. - Akihiko Kunimoto, Shuichi Sugiyama and Morihiko Miwa engineer: Takenaka Corp. - Takashi Kawano, Junya Sasaki, Yoshiyuki Kuramachi and Muneaki Ohara renderings: Takenaka Corp. - Akihiko Kunimoto; Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel - Mari Matsushita lighting manufacturers: Aromac Co., Ltd.; Ushino Lighting; Nippo Electric Co., Ltd.

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