MACBEAM combines an optical fiber with an ancient technique, which was woven by hand at Nishijin in KYOTO City Japan. Nishijin is very famous place to manufacture traditional Japanese clothes, "KIMONO".

MACBEAM is the worlds only optival surface plastic fiber. It enables you to create your own stimulating designs. It's original material is evolutionary brilliant, very easy to handle and maintenance free.

Before this special light fiber existed your possibilities of designing lighting effects were limited.Now, with MACBEAM your creativity to design increased tremendously. For example, you will be able to mimic beautifully the flow of a stream, cover any object of any shape and decorate a large variety of spaces.
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U.S.Patent No,6705,193B2

  • Zero heat generation,because of a unique light trancemission system.
  • Soft glow is not irritating on the eyes.Grid srface enables a variety of design.
  • Diverse pastel colors can be rendered with colors filters.
  • Changing illuminations and changing colors can attract the viewer all the time.
  • Can also be used underwater.
  • Easy to handle,maintenancefree.
  • Remarkably low cost when compared with other light emitting equipment.
  • Fiber diameter: two types,0.75mm&1.0mm.
  • Net length per spool:30m.
  • Net width: 0.75mm type : a range of 25mm to 70mm;1.0mm type:a range of 30mm to 100mm.
  • Light transmission distance when a 150w metal halide lamp is used as a light source:When projected in one direction:approximately 15m or 50ft;When projected in two directions:approximately 40m or 130ft .Effective for a lighting environment as 75lux or under.
  • Durable temperature: -30c to 80c.
  • Cannot be used with organic chemical compounds(such as acetone,thinner,benzine,rapid binding adhesives and aceticacid)Can be used with two component epoxy resin adhesives.
  • Waterproof:Resists salt wear.

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